These five tips will help you do a better job at venue search and booking.

1. Which location do you want it? Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Be as specific as possible. Where are people travelling from and is the venue easy to reach for your most important guests? What are the facilities close-by? Can you find a hospital just in case there’s an emergency? I’m just saying.

2. How many people are coming? Be realistic. Most weddings end up larger than anticipated (yes, people tell people who tell other people and your social media posts too!). Most meetings and conferences end up smaller than originally hoped (yes most people assume there’ll be boring talks). You have no idea how a small margin of error overlooked in the number of guests can lead to chaos; shortage of food, cutlery, chairs, souvenirs and even champagne cups! I’m guessing you don’t want this on your big day. Pay attention to that margin of error – your friend’s friends.

3. What’s the layout? There’s no point in booking a venue with a theater style sitting arrangement if what you’re looking for is for a cocktail party. So, clear things up with the party organizer first. Don’t confuse your guests.

4. How much can you afford to spend? Get a gauge on this, even if not a precise number. You may find you need to do a bit of venue research before you can get to an answer.

5. Discover the undiscovered. Don’t sit on the fence and don’t try to please everyone. We’ve seen weddings take place in a school, conferences in airplane hangars and product launches in a dance studio. So, don’t restrict your venues, maximize your venue pipeline and be sure to compare on all the important details.

And if you aren’t able to answer all of these questions above, use a venue search and booking website to your advantage. You don’t want to spend precious hours flipping numerous pages on Google and not sure of other facilities the venues you find (if you do at all) have.
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