The first benchmark for any successful event happening is its venue. With over billions of events organized yearly worldwide, event organizers still face the challenge of securing their desired venue – and end up settling for any available option, even if it does not meet one’s requirements due to time constraints.

With all the thousand and one venues there are in Accra alone, not to talk of other cities in Ghana, It can be a really daunting task when one has limited time to organize an event for your guest. You’ve brainstormed on whom to invite, you’ve planned the agenda, you’ve thought of the activities to include. Now the big Question, “where do I hold this event”!? Event organizing can be stressing especially when you do not have the right vendors onboard or any clues on the “what’s” and the “how’s.” You could spend weeks to months just trying to secure a suitable venue on a budget.

Interestingly, a venue we choose decides the outcome of many things during our event even something as simple as how people dance. That is why it matters to be picky when it comes to choosing the right venue. Unfortunately, it’s a problem for many people organizing events. Despite the many venues scattered all over the capital it is still a challenge to compare and decide on which venue to settle on.

Wouldn’t it be great and save lots of time if you one could just search, find and compare as many venues as possible all in just one place? Yes, one place where you can get every detail about a particular venue like the price, location, capacity, facilities available, etc. That will really be awesome, won’t it?

Thankfully, Qwiqspace Technologies Limited, a Ghanaian based tech company has come up with a solution called Qwiqspace. The company launched in Ghana recently after having graduated from Accra’s chapter of the Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute accelerator program in September this year. Qwiqspace is the new web and mobile app where people can easily find and book event venues or spaces instantly!  See it here:

Though this was recently launched, it’s amazing the great detail of necessary information one can find there with regards to deciding on a venue. Good thing is, one can book a venue right there and the steps are that simple!  As a marketplace for venues, Qwiqspace is being executed to tackle the challenge of venue organizing by aggregating a variety of venues in a preferred location, making it easier for venue seekers to search, check availability and book their preferred venue online. The technology reduces a process that could take days, even weeks, to a simple, fast and efficient 5mins process. Event venue booking couldn’t get any better.

Contemperary Fine Art Photographs by Amy Martz, Tampa Fl