It was supposed to be the best day of their lives, yet worry lines were deeply carved on their faces, in place of the smile they had imagined. The bridesmaid had just informed them that the event space they had in mind was hosting another event. How did this happen? Kofi was assigned to confirm the venue. Luckily for her the church premise was big enough to host her invitees. Plan B was in motion but at a cost, she had to shift her exclusive shots to after her ceremony when tiredness would have transformed the worry lines to trenches.

Perhaps your ceremony was less dramatic but I am pretty sure you can relate with the struggles of planning your own event. Hard as we try, even the most meticulous of people someway somehow always come short of organizing the perfect event for lack of expertise in event planning.

To be honest with you, the best gift you can give your budget is to hire an event planner. They know who to call and what to get to give you that mesmerizing wedding right within your budget. It does not matter if it’s the naming ceremony for the CEO’s daughter or the cleaner’s daughter’s wedding. All you need to do is to present a budget within your means and the planner has got you sorted. It’s the best cost-saving decision to make.

Another reason why you should hire an event planner is to save yourself some stress. Though an event planner myself, I would allow my assistant to handle all the planning for my big day. I have seen first-hand how people were unable to soak in the congratulations and the joy of having family and friends around to celebrate their big day, and I would not wish that for anyone. Event planners absorb all the stress that could possibly ruin the day and you would be more than grateful to have them sort out all the challenges, such as shortage of food, rather than having family members trooping in to the dais every now and then to inquire how to solve peculiar problems.

Time lost can never be regained. Planning an event is time consuming. I know of people that have used a whole year to plan a wedding. Why not hire an event planner to save you all that time? The opportunity cost of that time could probably be used to start a new business altogether. What would have taken days in sampling various vendors, a planner can do within a few minutes with a few calls.

It does not matter the educational background or the experience in handling family events. There is always that sparkle that the event planner brings and these are the top three reasons to hire an event planner; time-saving, cost-saving and stress free event!