Plan your event in less than 5 days

For GHS 200

How does it work?

On average, people spend 50 days on planning their events (weddings, conferences, concerts, parties…). Qwiqplan makes it possible to plan your event in just 5 days for 25 times less the fee you will pay to an event consultant.

Tell us about the event

Tell us about the event

Your event date, type, preferences, budget and more…

We analyze your event

We analyze your event

We analyze your event based on the details you submitted.

You get the Plan

You get the Plan

We design a custom Event Plan for you with personalized recommendations.

GHS 200 per Event Plan

All packages to choose from

Qwiqplan Only

GHS 200

One time payment

  • Budget Quotations for services (catering, photography, etc)
  • Full Event Planning Guide
  • Event planning Checklist
  • Access to our event service providers; photography, catering, sound, ushering etc...
  • 30 minutes free one-on-one consultation with our expert planner
  • 3 Qwiq Hacks that would you save more than a GHC1,000 on your event

Note: Use Qwiqplan if you want to plan your event all by yourself.

Event Planning

GHS 3500

One time payment

  • Detailed Event planning Checklist
  • Planning and Organizing entire event
  • Discount on other event service providers; photography, catering, sound, ushering etc
  • Free venue search and booking service
  • Help with detailed budget estimations
  • Manage your checklist
  • 5 hours free one-on-one event planning consultation with our expert planner
  • Managing all your vendors
  • 10 Qwiq Hacks that would save you more than a GHC1,000 on your event
  • Help with making major decisions; color theme choice, gift souvenirs, venue choice etc...

Note: Use this service if you need help with your entire event from A to Z.

Event Coordination

GHS 1000

One time payment

  • Coordination of all your vendors 3 weeks to event day
  • Venue search and booking
  • Full day supervision and coordination on event day
  • Use our wedding/general event cost guide
  • Get advice on gift souvenirs for traditional ceremony and or white wedding
  • Supervise cleaning of venue if cleaning service is hired by client

Note: Use this service if you only need help to coordinate all your service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone trying to plan any event but doesn’t know how to or wants to save time.

Yes! You need it most, makes your work much easier so you can serve different clients at a time. You can personalize the templates to suits your clients…

GHS 200 (USD37) per event.

Aside Qwiqplan, we have a customised event planning service, Qwiqspace.com and an event coordination service. See below:

Customised Event Planning– We link you with our seasoned event designer, Elle, who will make your event her own. She will help you plan your entire event from the very tiny details to the big ones. She will be doing all the “heavy lifting”. All you have to do is to just tell her what you want and voila!

Qwiqspace.com– Qwiqspace is our venue search and booking website. It is Ghana’s number one venue search and booking platform so you can be sure to find and book great venues in the capital city.

Event Coordination– You probably just need someone to communicate with and coordinate all the vendors for your event to ensure they deliver as required since you’ll be prepping for the event day… We can be of help. Just speak to us and give us the contacts of all the vendors 3 weeks to the day of your event and we’ll deliver. And oh, we’re also there on the D-day to ensure everything goes well as planned.

Any event: wedding, conference, workshop, launch etc..

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