Terra Alta

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This venue is good for: Exhibition, Fairs, Art & Craft functions, Flea markets, Pop-up shops, Concerts.

Our events center is an outdoor space for art, intimate performances & events conveniently located right at the Abelenkpe junction bus stop. Also on offer are classes in dance & meditation, and a monthly neighborhood flea market. It is suitable for Art exhibitions, music concerts, theater productions, dance productions, dance workshops, wedding receptions, pop up kitchens and more. Rent our tree filled outdoor space for live performances, theater shows, wedding reception, events, pop up kitchens, exhibitions in an intimate and green setting. Our two stages can host from 200 to 500 people at a time, with parking and washroom amenities included.

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Price: GHC 1200/day
State:Greater Accra
Utilities:Washrooms and Parking Space
Suitable for:
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