Lavidstal Event Center

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This venue is good for: Weddings, Birthday, Exhibition, Funeral, Kids Parties, Parties, Seminars

We’re an outdoor venue located in a serene location at Spintex, Coastal Estate. The beautiful outdoor is ideal for all your outdoor events from weddings, to parties, buffet, reception, and you name it! Our available facilities for free use are a standby freezer, kitchen, washroom and standby generator in house.  As part of the cost, we provide you with 200 chairs, equivalent number of tables and canopies for your use. Book us now for this amazing offer.

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Price: GHC 3500/day
Space Type:Outdoor
Financial:GHC 3500/day
Lot size:500
Utilities:standby freezer, kitchen, washroom and standby generator, 200 chairs, tables and canopies
Suitable for:
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